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Top 10 Must-Have Tools For Freelancers


Freelancers must do a lot of work. Not only that you have your clients tasks on your back, you also have to run your own business. Freelancers operate just like a small business, you have to take care of your legal work, project proposals, invoicing, tax work, marketing, answering to emails and so on. This can take a lot of time and energy, the worst thing is that this is your non-paid time. Continue reading to learn about the Top 10 Must-Have Tools For Freelancers you can use to make your life easier.


FreedCamp is a project management and collaboration tool, and it’s free. With a free account you get, unlimited users, unlimited projects and 200MB of storage. For $2.49 per month, you get 1GB of storage. If you feel that’s not it, you can check out Basecamp.



As a freelancer, you are the one responsible for your legal, accounting, bookkeeping and tax work. This requires a lot of work in order to fulfill tax requirements, invoicing and budgeting. FreeAgent is a bookkeeping and invoicing application specifically designed for small businesses and freelancers.



In today’s market, it is hard to stand out of the crowd without a portfolio or a blog. Not only you can present your work, blogs today can help you acquire new customers. By writing good content you can position yourself as an expert in the field, and your prospects might just hire you if you have the social proof of your expertise. You can run your blog on www.wordpress.com or download the CMS from www.wordpress.org and install it on your own server. This site also runs on WordPress. 🙂



With SlideShare, you can show off your work and present your work to your clients.



Although some say that email is dead, by my experience email marketing has the greatest conversion rate, and I don’t see it changing soon. If you need a tool for lead generation or newsletter marketing, MailChimp is the right tool for you. It is simple to use, has a free subscription plan and it can be integrated with your social media and a lot of other apps. This OptIn collects emails to a MailChimp list – while you are here, leave your email. 🙂

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Project proposals can be projected by itself. Freelancers spend a lot of time creating and sending project proposals, and it can be exhausting. Now you can create great project proposals with templates, signatures, and branding ready for use. Bidsketch helps you save time and energy.



Being a freelancer, you probably have accounts on social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and so on, are for freelancers great tools for finding prospected clients and to share your ideas and experience by networking. Now, if your primary job is not managing social media for your clients, updating your social media can take you some time. Hootsuite is a great tool that helps you save time by connecting your social media accounts in one place. It allows you to send updates to multiple social networks, automate and even schedule posts to be published even if you are not online. You can also use Buffer if you like.



Way too many times I have lost my project documents and data on a broken USB drive or external HDD. You know that feeling, right? When you experience such frustrating moments, you really start to appreciate cloud storage. The good thing is, you can access your resources even if you are not on your home or office computer, you can even retrieve and upload files from your smartphone or whatever device you are working on. If you don’t like DropBox, you can use Google Drive. I use both.



If you worked on Upwork.com or Freelancer.com, you might be familiar with the way OfficeTime works. It essential tracks your time spent working and you can see how much money you are earning.



If you use tools mentioned in this article, you sure are about to have a lot of passwords. 1Password allows you to organize and manage your passwords.



There are hundreds of tools and apps you can use for your freelancing business, so it is very hard to narrow it down to just 10. After all, the tools you use and need depends on the services your provide. I am sure that I missed some important plugins, but I just mentioned some of the ones I used and I think you might find useful too.

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If you use or know some tools I missed, post it in the comments!

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Salim Šabić
Salim Šabić
Hi, my name is Salim Šabić. Thanks for visiting my website. How can I help You? WHAT I DO: I help you grow your business online by developing and optimizing amazing business websites and applications. I can help you promote your business and reach more customers online easy! I am a certified web developer and eLearning consultant offering over 10 years of experience on both client and server sides.


  1. Thanks for sharing these useful apps and sites. As a freelancer we have to work more and sometimes till late also.

  2. Debarpan says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing this list of useful tools here,i do use almost all of them.Especially wordpress,Hootsuite and Dropbox are my personal favourite from this list.

  3. rochkirstin says:

    MailChimp, HootSuite and Dropbox are total lifesavers for me. I love that there are so many free applications and services we can use. Now we don’t have an excuse because investment can be of zero cost for freelancers.

  4. Thanks for such an informative post. Dropbox is the only tool I know in this bunch. 🙂 Yandex is also a great tool too which I learned from a client. 🙂

  5. Cheryl F. says:

    Great list. Just started my freelancing career and this is a big help. Although I’m not familiar with some of these tools, will research about them and see if it will make a difference in the career.

  6. Franc Ramon says:

    There are just so many apps now. I used wordpress and dropbox. I’ll check out the rest on the list.

  7. This is very helpful for me as I am starting out as a freelancer. I have used some of the tools here but I’m glad to find new tools to use. Thank you for putting this together.

  8. Indeed great tools for every type of freelancer! It’s so important to know these to further develop our potentials ;D

  9. Fred says:

    This is a very informative post about important sites and apps for bloggers. I will be checking them out one by one since I am familiar with only a couple on your list.

  10. Bhuboy says:

    I already created an account with upwork, I am planning to apply as a VA, if my online business is not yet successful after 2 years, so i can work from home , and quit working abroad and be with my family

  11. Jeypi Kyu says:

    great tips! i really need thes tips in my blogging career! please upload more like these hehe

  12. Tiffany Yong says:

    Wow, I didn’t know about some of them like FreedCamp etc.
    This is pretty cool, will go check them all out!

  13. anastasios says:

    Great article…thanks

  14. Hey, I’m Alex. I just came across your post https://www.salimsabic.com/top-10-must-have-tools-for-freelancers/ and I thought it was great read. However, it seems to be missing any mention of XPlace (www.xplace.com), which is pretty central to what your article is talking about. XPlace is one of the world’s leading freelance marketplaces, connecting thousands of freelancers and businesses every day. XPlace makes it simple and easy to connect with the best, highly-skilled freelancers and clients in hundreds of categories ranging from web dev, mobile app development, tech, design, writing & editing, translation, and more. One of the great things about XPlace is that it’s based on a SAAS model, which means the site doesn’t charge a commission from freelancers (or from buyers, for that matter) for its projects. I think your article could benefit by mentioning XPlace, especially since XPlace has been around for more than a decade (even longer than oDesk), add including it will provide valuable insight to your readers. You can link to us here: http://www.xplace.com. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Of course, I’d love to know if you’ve updated your article to mention XPlace. You can also reply to me here (silka@xplace.com). By the way, you can also use our logo here: https://www.xplace.com/images/xplace_logo.jpg Thanks so much for your time! Best, Alex Silka Marketing Mgr., XPlace.com

  15. Nika says:

    Thanks for this list, I find some of these tools irreplaceable. Also, recommend to check out simple task and project management tool Deskun; You can find it here – https://deskun.com

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