This is Why a Small Business Needs a Website And This is What You Need to Know
July 10, 2017
8 Reasons why you Should NOT Start your own Business
8 Reasons why you Should NOT Start your own Business
July 24, 2017

This is what I am up to next [Instead of a blog post]

This is what I am up to next

Hey, my friend, this article will be a little different than my usual posts. I’ve been under a lot of pressure the last couple of months, many things changed in my life, not so many for the better.

Since February I tried to revive my blog, but I just had not enough time to post regularly. I tried to post at least one post per week but ended up skipping few weeks. My traffic was just not getting much better. I know that a blogger should be consistent, but I couldn’t make it. My Web design business was taking me too much time.

Last week, I was talking with my friend about the online business. The usual stuff, strategy, social media marketing and tons of different ideas.

Yeah, regarding ideas, having ideas seems to be easy, executing them is a different pair of shoes, you know how it goes. We both made our resolutions for 2017 to start and grow new businesses. But for different kind of reasons, we both got stuck.

Freelancing isn’t what it used to be, at least for us who used to get our clients mostly from sites like Upwork and

In one of my next blog posts, I’ll write about those freelance marketplaces in depth. But for now, let’s stick to the topic.

Yup, you know the drill, get a self-hosted, branded blog up and running, write some content and start building your brand! Sounds good, but man is it hard!

My plan is ambitious and really huge, although I am stuck, I am not giving up! My blog is a huge part of my online business, it’s the starting project from which I intend to scale.

If you have read my story, you know what my strategy is. Well, six months have passed of 2017, and July gave some signs of progress.

My traffic is slowly getting better and I get one or two leads weekly and questions from bloggers to publish as guests on my blog. Still figuring out if I need to change my content strategy, but for now, let it be.

Now, in the past two months, some things happened and I did some changes to my website too.

Godaddy Pro Plus Member

We are officially a GoDaddy Pro Plus Member

Since I am a web developer, and I run a lot of websites for my clients, usually they need hosting too.

For most of my clients, who are small business owners I suggest using Godaddy. Small business usually needs a simple website with not so much content comparing to blogs.

This kind of websites don’t have a huge traffic and do not require a lot of server resources.

Well, since I had a quite a few web development projects this year, I purchased hosting packages from GoDaddy for some of my clients too.

Godaddy has cool partnership programs called Godaddy Pro and Godaddy Pro Plus. Basically, Godaddy Pro members have access to some tools casual users do not. For example, Godaddy Pro members can use the ManageWP dashboard from which you can easily manage, update, backup and run reports on multiple websites.

Godaddy Pro Plus members have the option to be listed in the Godaddy web developer or web agency directory listing, you get faster support and for every purchase, you get 10% in-store credit.

Before you get listed in the directory, you need to setup your profile, portfolio, contacts, social media accounts, the usual stuff.

As a web developer, you have the change to be hired by people who need help with setting up their hosting account, websites, email accounts etc.

To be eligible to become a Godaddy Pro Plus member, you have to earn 2,500 points. You earn points by buying Godaddy products, like hosting, domains, business email etc.

On July 15th I earned enough points to be accepted into the Godaddy Pro Plus membership! That’s a good thing, I’ll keep you informed if I get any leads from there. Btw. this is my Godaddy Pro Plus profile.

Template Monster Marathon

As a web designer and developer, I work a lot with WordPress and other CMS’s. Working with WordPress means buying a lot of themes.

One of the places I buy themes is Eight weeks ago, I saw an ad with the title “YOUR WEB-STUDIO IN 7 WEEK’S FROM AN IDEA TO YOUR FIRST SALE“. It looked promising, and since I am already a freelance web developer, and I hire colleagues sometimes too, I wanted to learn more about it.

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TemplateMonster is a web design company, that is, the largest web studio for the development of themes, templates and they have their own CMS – Moto CMS.

They organize a marathon or a challenge for people who want to launch their web design company or studio.

Through the process, they give you basic information and then you have 6 days to make a project task. They don’t teach anything about the legal stuff though.

The finalists get promoted, they will write an article and publish it on their site (so they wrote in an email). Along with a certificate, you also get a place in their “online showroom” of web studios that they recommend to their clients and visitors.

The good thing is, of course, that everyone from all over the world can participate. Plus, you also receive some tools, such as a ready-made template store. Which can be installed on your site and you get a commission for every template sold. If you are into affiliate marketing, they offer you to join their affiliate program too.

Overall, it was a nice experience, I did learn new things and I would recommend it. I landed among the finalists although they did not say how many finalists or participants the marathon had. Plus, in an email, I got a nice certificate with a nice 50% promo code on any TemplateMonster product. 🙂

The marathon “Launch Your Own Web Studio in 7 Week” is completed and we would like to thank you for your participation!

Congrats! You are among the finalists! You’ve coped with all the stages well. That’s why we encourage you to continue working hard and strive for success and present you with your unique 50%OFF Promo Code on any product at!

You get the certificate from TemplateMonster, which you can post on your website. Also, we suggest you adding to it the article which will be written by us, about you and your achievements in the marathon.

TemplateMonster Marathon Finalist Salim Šabić

The certificate looks nice, doesn’t it? Not bragging, honestly. 🙂

Social Media

Most of my traffic comes from social media. Until now, I’ve been using LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook. According to Google Analytics, LinkedIn and Twitter drive the most traffic to my blog.

I’ve been reading hundreds of blogs and watched countless tutorials which emphasize the potential of social media like Instagram, Reddit, and Tumblr. Reddit is a truly unique platform. Tried it, sounds good, didn’t work, for me at last.

Tumblr is a nice platform, you can post all sorts of things, like videos, audios, links, photos, quotes etc. Just recently I signed up for Tumblr, but haven’t used it heavily. Currently, I am only sharing posts from my Instagram to Tumblr. Let see what the time brings.


For months I’ve been researching and thinking how to use Instagram for online business. It’s a unique type of social media, it is high-content media platform, but with some strange features. For example, it does not support links in posts, you can’t embed a link, nor does it support links in comments. I am not an old fashioned guy, and I am well aware of the potential of social media, but I never used Instagram. Until a few weeks ago.

For example, it does not support links in posts, you can’t embed a link, nor does it support links in comments. I am not an old fashioned guy, and I am well aware of the potential of social media, but I never used Instagram. Until a few weeks ago.

When I registered with Instagram, for a few days, I had no idea how to make content for Instagram. Tossing in a ton of hashtags don’t make much sense. Browsing the Internet, I found a great tool for making amazing content for social media. The tool is Adobe Spark, and it’s free! Check it out!

Playing around and testing Instagram, I soon figured out how it can be really useful. I am still new to it but I noticed that adding relevant hashtags combined with great graphics makes a great effect. My followers went from 20 to 100 in three days! That’s impressive, for me at least.

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Periscope is a great live video streaming kind of social network. You can broadcast live video from your smartphone, iPhone or Android.

It has some cool features which can be useful for you if you are into video and are not camera shy. The good thing is that you can connect it to Twitter and stream live to your twitter audience.

Personally, I could not figure out how to use it for my online business, but last week I thought I’ll just try to use it for random streaming and interacting with my followers when I have the time.

I’ll try to have weekly “live shows” to talk about my online business, goals, and plans for the upcoming week. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Online Courses

Currently, I am making two online courses which I plan to publish on (first two of a batch). Sadly, there two problems with that.

The first problem is, I don’t have the time to design, record and edit the videos. My second problem is laziness. I’ve been recording my second course for 6 months, but it could be finished in a week, there are only three lessons missing.

The first course,  I began to record back in 2013, I never finished.

Damn ideas that take away thoughts and energy so I always run for something new and seem to never finish what I started! But watch out, I am not quitting yet, hustle harder!

Blog A/B theme testing

My blog traffic is steadily going up, but it seems that my WordPress theme is not engaging enough.

Direct hits to my blog posts have a way longer session duration that hits that go to my home page.

Divi WordPress Theme

My educated guess is that the theme might have a great deal of impact on that. That actually makes sense, as I redesigned the website last year when I abandoned the idea of running a blog. I wanted to highlit my web design services on my website.

Guess the circumstances are calling for a change.

The idea is to compare two or maybe more themes and watch which one performs better with Google Analytics. I plan to setup the A/B testing next week and compare my current WordPress theme (Zerif Pro), against BeTheme (which I already purchased). I’ll use the A/B THEME TESTING plugin from WPMU DEV for the experiment.

Facebook Group Online Business Made Simple

Many online entrepreneurs have mourned and disapproved the closing of one of the most popular Facebook groups. The group name is Online Business BFFs, and it amassed over 70,000 members over the years. The group’s owner announced it will be closed on July 17th, 2017 in a short video, stating one of the reasons for closing:

See, one of my core values that I seek in everything I do with my life and business is to create and facilitate communities and relationships where people feel deeply seen, connected, and valued. And as much as there is to gain inside of a free Facebook group like the Online Business BFFs, I know we can do better, serve you better, and love you better.

There were literally hundreds of group members who ranted over the group being closed. And that for a good reason. The group had an awesome community of experienced entrepreneurs who knew and were truly willing to help aspiring online entrepreneurs.

So, since my business strategy included the plan to build a Facebook group. I took the chance and created a free Facebook group for all of you. The group name is Online Business Made Simple, and I encourage you to join now. With this Facebook group, I hope we can together build a community for small business owners to help each other grow.

Goal-setting Sunday: What is your goal for next week? Write it in the comments!

Goal-setting Sunday: What is your goal for next week?
Write it in the comments!

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