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This is my Story I Invite You to be Part of my Business Journey

Salim Šabić - This Is My Story

Hey, friend, you visited my site so you are my friend now. 🙂 Welcome to my blog. My name is Salim Šabić and this is my story.

I want to share it with you and I would like to invite you to be part of my business journey. I am in the process of building my online business now after years and years of learning and failing and I am currently feeling ready to start something that is worth my time and my commitment.

So, let me tell you something about myself. I was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina and it’s the most beautiful country there is.

It is a small country, in the southeast Europe and I’m living in the town of Travnik.

It’s a beautiful historical town with many old structures such as a huge fortress and a lot of old buildings and it is a really wonderful place to be and live in.

I was born in an average middle-class working family and I had no background in means of business connections or support of that type.

My father was working in a huge company and the industry of the Bosnia and Herzegovina was a part of the former socialist Yugoslavia.

Here, most of the industry was based on the huge state-owned companies, so 90% of the people were employees and maybe 5% of them were entrepreneurs and the other 5% were politicians and bureaucrats.

The entrepreneur spirit in Bosnia is in, sort of baby phases and a lot of people have started their businesses after the war and the entrepreneur spirit is slowly, but constantly rising.

Considering all the factors and the situation, I am also starting my online business after years of working for someone else and also as working as a freelancer.

The situation with me is that I started working when I was 14 years old. Some of the jobs I did are, working as a construction worker, I was working as a traveling salesman, I was a waiter and an IT support guy.

Later, after I graduated from college, I was working as a web developer. Afterward, I was an IT manager and then I became a consultant.

I was as an assisting teacher on a college and I was also a freelancer and a public speaker.

Luckily, all of these experiences have taught me a lot and I have so much experience from all sorts of different businesses.

I’m here again, starting my new business because I want to build a stable and strong company that is worth my time and effort.

In the last 10 years, I started several businesses and some of them sadly failed.

I started an online freelance community, I started a book ghostwriting business and I also started an app development outsourcing company.

I started a software development outsourcing company and even online learning portal for busy people where people could take crunches of various information.

The last project that failed was a co-working space that I started with two other partners and that closed just two months ago.

Everything I was doing until now… Well, most of it failed, except the freelancing part.

I’m still a freelancer and I’m working as a developer in the web industry and I’m an E-Learning Consultant. However, most of my projects are related to web development and design with WordPress.

The realization to change came to my mind when I graduated from college and when I gained my Master’s degree in Information Technology. That was the moment that I realized that I actually had to start learning.

So, this is the moment that I am again, changing my life and I must change it because I am in a completely different situation than I was five or ten years ago. Now I have a family and a beautiful wife. I just got a beautiful son five months ago and I can’t be a happier father.

The problem with my work, on the other hand, is that I am just selling my time and trading it for money. As a freelancer, no matter how high my fee is, I am simply trading my time for money.

The problem is that I have to, so to say, steal time from my family, from my friends and my social life to be able to finish and complete my projects.

I’m something like a one man show and I cannot delegate the work that I do, so I could have to have more time.

I don’t feel comfortable in this position anymore, and I understand that I have to change something. I am a type of person if I don’t like something I change it. As Warren Buffet said:

If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.

The idea came to me that I need more freedom so that I can spend more time with my baby, my wife, and my family. To have more time to relax.

That means that I need freedom, and to achieve freedom I need to achieve financial freedom and to achieve financial freedom, I have to diversify my income. I cannot live only from freelancing because that is just one type of income and maybe one day I’ll get out of projects and my career will stop. Maybe some other technology will arise so it’s kind of daunting for me and it is overwhelming to think about it.

I cannot live only from freelancing because that is just one type of income and maybe one day I’ll get out of projects and my career will stop. Maybe some other technology will arise so it’s kind of daunting for me and it is overwhelming to think about it.

The changes in our lives rarely come on their own and they rarely appear when we’re relaxed and in a comfy situation with no worries about finances and the future. The times when we’re in distress, surrounded by problems and issues, that’s when the biggest changes happen for most of us. In a situation like these, our instinct for survival kicks in and we are able to generate an immense amount of ideas and solutions for every kind of problem.

The times when we’re in distress, surrounded by problems and issues, that’s when the biggest changes happen for most of us. In a situation like these, our instinct for survival kicks in and we are able to generate an immense amount of ideas and solutions for every kind of problem.

In situations like these, our instinct for survival kicks in and we are able to generate an immense amount of ideas and solutions for every kind of problem.

Out of all the businesses I started up, the most stable one is the online consulting business. It’s a thing I’ve built on my own and in some hand.

I managed to create a brand of my own and my clients regularly come back to me for more pieces of advice on how to optimize their websites, how to create eCommerce sites, how to promote on social media and so on.

Going from there, I got an idea to create my own online business which would also act as some sort of a live experiment through which I would step by step work and learn about the stuff I do.

It’s not some sort of a generic system you see online that is taught by many guru’s and so-called mentors which will teach you everything they know and in reality, they don’t use any of those strategies, tactics, steps, and ways of managing your online business.

It is of my truest intentions to show you how I do it and by sharing my journey help all of you in a way that will grow your business develop it to new heights and to become independent.

Before starting any sort of a business, the thing you must care about, the most important of them all is the mindset you go with through this all.

What I mean is that all of us are shaped by our educational system and many other factors such as our parents and traditions in such a way that we live the life in a way we can call “nine to five”.

Most of us work from nine to five, weekends are for resting and relaxing and then, we think that we just must work those hours so we could pay the bills month after month and go on vacation once a year.

That definitely isn’t the life most of us want and personally, I think that we, as human beings are not created to live like that. I think that we should be free and free to use our time as we want and this is very important when it comes to launching your own business.

Starting up your business isn’t just about the money and finances. It is thoroughly connected with the freedom you have and in today’s world, the definition of freedom means to have financial freedom. How is that?

Simple, if you don’t have sufficient financial freedom, you’re chained and you must listen to your superior, your boss, you have less time, you will be more stressed, you will be under all types of pressure and the worst of it all, you won’t be able to say I QUIT.

Because if you do that, you’ll be left empty-handed soon after, you won’t have any funds and you’re done for. Square Zero.

The thing is, that we must change our mindset so we could adapt to changes more easily while starting up our business and trying to get the freedom we all want.

Today, a business can be anything. It isn’t tied to anything specific or any special area of our lives, especially the online business.

The online business offers you numerous ways of making money and the best part of it is it lets you diversify your income. You can work multiple things and gain financial profit from both, so you’re given the freedom of working whatever you want.

Time to change

stop wishing start doing

I’m in a situation where I am in my early 30s, I’ve got a beautiful wife and just recently I’ve got a son and it’s somewhat hard to say this with words.

But in simple terms, it just came to my head, a message of sorts that I just cannot live like this anymore.

I am a very successful freelancer, I’m satisfied with my financial status, but I’m missing two things, and those are freedom and time.

The thing is, as a freelancer, now that I work for my clients and various projects.

I literally trade my time for money and no matter how high our hourly rate is, there are 24 hours in a day and that is the top limit.

Now to think about working even 20 hours per day is ridiculous, it’s inhumane, and I’ve been there.

The second thing about freelancing is that it brings a fair amount of uncertainty with it.

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Few times I was in such situations where I had to manage six projects at the same time and then sometimes, I was without any work for five months.

This sort of a thing is potentially dangerous and terrifying for people who want a stable life, and enjoyable one with their families and there’s solely one reason for this.

Something might change. Something will change. A new technology might emerge, the platform we’re working on might change and at one point, it will just stop and then we lose all our marketplace and possibly, clients.

It is not a good idea to bring ourselves to such situations and we should diversify our incomes.

When I got my son, I figured out I had to change something in my life and that’s when I decided to start my online business.

Like I previously said, an online business can be anything, you can start your affiliate website, your community, you could create a startup a blog or even create your own product or service company.

Will, one of your products be an online course, an e-book, a simple tutorial, that is up to you and in one of the upcoming articles, I will help you get and create ideas for such products.

Right now, the most popular products in the online world are those which teach you something, information products such as e-books, online courses, various how-to tutorials which help people do a specific job or a part of it.

These things are very valuable and useful in daily life because if you save people some time on something they had to do, that is of great value to them, so it’s very simple to start an online business.

However, when I say simple, that doesn’t mean it will be easy.

Most of the things you will have to do will be hard, it will be hard to gain a serious audience, hard to create a good and strong email list, build a great brand. It’s hard to get a lot of traffic on your website.

It will be very, very hard, but it’s not complicated. It’s all simple, but you have to endure it all and work.

The mindset

If YOu NEVER Try You will never know

Then again, it’s all about the mindset. I want us to be entrepreneurs and to work as ones and to offer true value. Not only will we be sharing great information and knowledge, but that will cause positive reflections and impressions of us and our financial statuses.

With a mindset, it is very important to know your goal. One of the upcoming articles will be about the books I read which affected my mindset and way of thinking on a greater level and honestly, it was a pretty big change.

In one moment, you’re just scared of the change and you’re afraid of what might come and happen to you if you fail.

That is a thing which cannot happen to you. You must not let it happen to you.

You shouldn’t procrastinate with it, waiting for no reason and you shouldn’t be afraid of taking risks.

Start as soon as possible because if you start today, the very next day you will know how your decisions affected the outcome. You will know if you were right or wrong.

If you were wrong, excellent! You know it doesn’t work that way. Just like Thomas Edison said:

I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.

And, if you were right, well, now you know how it works. You should be thinking in this way and just push forward. There always will be failures, but without failure, there is no success.

You have to think, change things when they need to be changed, be consistent, but most important of all, not stopping.

It will be very hard, but this is where I invite you to a great journey to go on together which will be very interesting and useful. Later, one day when there is a success, we will be thankful for starting something and not just sitting contemplating and overthinking.

The vision

a goal withot a plan is ust a wish

My vision is to start my own business so I have several income streams and to be financially free in the next 18 months to 2 years. So basically, that’s my plan. I already started my blog and I’m posting technology oriented stuff but I realized that I was competing in the wrong niche.

I was competing in the technology niche but there are already a lot of tech portals, blogs and websites out there that it’s actually hard to stick my neck out in this competitive niche.

I realized that when I was talking with one of my clients that gave me wonderful insights and I learned so much from her.

She empowered me to share my experience with small business owners and entrepreneurs that are just starting their business. This was truly helpful and I actually could visualize what I needed to do! Thank you, Donna!

I’m not somebody who is going to teach you how to start your business. I’m somebody who is going to share my own experience of starting and running a business with you.

So, that in mind, I always enjoyed working with small businesses and their owners rather than with huge corporations. As I worked for a few large corporations and I actually built a few websites and web applications for them.

It’s just that those large corporations and enterprises are just about money and there isn’t one decision maker. You’re lost and they are just looking through the budget and deadlines.

Did you complete it or did you not?” Your actual work is not valued and I would love to work with small business owners because they are the decision makers and they value my inpu.

My ideas and we come together to great solutions for them and they sometimes implement ideas that I have suggested based on my experience with previous business owners.

Sharing value

Then I realized that my actual niche is small businesses and I want to start a small business myself. I want to share my experience with the small business owners, with the fellow entrepreneurs and with the people that want to start an online business but don’t know where to start.

How to build a website, how to create a subscription form, how to market on social media, how to build a podcast and so on. I’ll try to implement this in next months.

Blog & Social Media

I want to create a blog and share value and share the things that I learned and also use it to promote my personal brand. Then I’ll use social media like Facebook and I’ll probably start my own Facebook group to learn from other fellow small business owners and to share value with them too.

I’ll use Pinterest to share my posts and my products and I also have a Twitter account that has a fair number of followers and I’m more active on Twitter than Facebook.

I’ll use LinkedIn and LinkedIn groups for providing value alongside networking. I plan to create my Instagram account because I don’t have one and I’m just in the phase of researching it because I never personally used it and I’m not the type of the person that will share the pictures of lunch or locations I visit.

So, I have to research a little bit on how to use Instagram for business. After I’ve learned that, I will share my story through my blog.


The next thing is that I will try to build is a podcast and I will try to host fellow entrepreneurs, small business owners and the people that I learned from on my podcast so that I can share as much value as possible.


Then, I’ll create a webinar in an effort to teach the people that are visiting my blog and the people that are actually interested in my posts, my articles and my content to help them even more.

Email list

The next thing that I will do is to create an e-mail list. I’ll try to give free email courses on topics that are related to small businesses.

For example:

  • a free email course on how to build a website
  • a free email course on how to create an e-mail list
  • a free course on how to create a Facebook page

These are only some of the things I will share through the mentioned e-mail list.

Digital products

The next thing is making my products which I will promote on my blog and through my e-mail list. The first thing that I’ll create is an Udemy course and I’m finishing it right now and it’s called “How to build a website with WordPress”.

For every entrepreneur that wants to start a blog, or a website or any kind of an online business, you have to have a website and web presence.

Even if you’re a freelancer, a photographer, an e-commerce manager, you have to have a website, so this course is for those people that want to start any kind of an online business.

From that course, I will create a self-hosted, master class based on any course that I create on Udemy. Out of every course, I’ll create an e-book which I will submit to Amazon and I’ll share 100, maybe 500, maybe even 1000 copies for free to my email subscription list or to my Facebook group members.

The next stream of income is the affiliate marketing. I will create great deals for my e-mail list subscribers and my blog visitors for web hosting, WordPress templates, WordPress plugins, e-mail marketing tools and social media managing tools and similar.

After that, I will create deals with companies to have special discounts only for the members of my e-mail list.

Sharing my journey

So, with that, I invite you to visit my blog on and please write me an e-mail so we can help each other. Tell me what’s wrong with my plan which I presented previously in a short story and maybe it may scale up, it may scale down, I might pivot in any given moment, but the thing is, whatever I do, I will share my successes and failures with you.

I will share my success earnings and things that I did wrong so that you can do better. I will have full disclosure on the steps that I take and on the tools that I used, so I will help you save time and if I make a mistake. I will write a post or I might send a newsletter so you don’t make the same mistake that I did. With that, I will save you a month, a two, maybe even more by teaching you these strategies and tactics. That is my way of giving back value.

The ultimate thing is that I have proof of what works and what doesn’t, so you don’t have to have any guesses or stumble in the dark or anything like that.

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You will have a proven system that works, tested on my business and that is my way to give back to the people that support me and to those that were on my journey.

I made a lot of mistakes in my life and I learned from them.

I’ve also had some great successes and I’m grateful for both because every failure was a lesson to learn and every success was a thing that proved me that I was right in making the decision I had made.

Action and Consistency

let's do it

Ideas are very important when it comes to business, however, a great idea can be completely worthless if no action is taken. A lot of people have a problem with that when they think about starting a business, how to start it, when and so on.

They just spend too much time thinking about those things and eventually, they just block everything about it with their constant overthinking. I know that from experience.

If you want to do something, you just do it now, without the unnecessary overthinking, and later, you will very easily see the results and you will know if you were right or wrong.

Nike’s slogan of “Just Do It” is a great example of this and I’m positive most of us have seen and heard of it by now. JUST DO IT. If you have an idea, well, realize it! Put it into reality and see what happens. Take action!

The second thing after doing something is consistency. Consistency is what makes people successful. It is one of the most important things if you want to be successful.

Successful people are consistent, they work and they look for solutions instead of looking for excuses and they are always the ones who start and share all the positive energy around themselves.

Never allow yourself to fall into the trap of overthinking, to think about failure, about success, how someone will think about what you’re doing, how you did it. Never allow that.

You shouldn’t be looking for a perfect product because one doesn’t exist. Work and fix your mistakes and errors as time goes on and that way, you will create quality products which are valuable.

When someone becomes successful on their first try, well, I consider those to be exceptions rather than the general rule. They were lucky, we are not.

Be ready to fail but never give up

Pablo Picasso

What I’m prepared for from the very start, right now, is failing, but you shouldn’t be afraid of it. Failing doesn’t mean you’re a failure.

It is one of the lectures we should take to heart and move on.

No matter what is going on, we should just keep pushing forward. Optimizing and upgrading and never stopping.

We’re going to work and create something and the most important of it all stick to our goal.

It should always be before our eyes, strongly visualized and understood. This helps us in staying consistent and ready to sacrifice if needed even a whole night, just so it pays off.

Personally, I was in such situations on multiple occasions, where I had to work consistently for up to 72 hours, no joke!

Like I said, it will be hard, but this is the type of mindset we should develop and stick with so we don’t waste our time chasing the wrong thing and gaining nothing.

The results of work rarely ever appear suddenly. Just imagine a garden. To make this garden pretty, we must prepare many things for it, the soil, the water, the plants and many, many more things and this is a direct analogy to what I’m trying to say here.

To make this garden pretty, we must prepare many things for it, the soil, the water, the plants and many, many more things and this is a direct analogy to what I’m trying to say here.

When you work on something, the results will come to you just like pieces of a puzzle.

After some time, you will have enough pieces to put that puzzle together and have something complete.

A product of your own. Not just any product though. It will be polished, it will be unique and it will be amazing just because you spent all that time working on it. All the big things and all the little things you did for it, they all paid off.

Never give up. The only true failure is giving up and because of this, I repeat myself again, never give up.

If you see something isn’t working out, don’t just abandon it and give up on it. Adjust it, optimize something so it’s better. Fix it part by part and eventually, it will be built into a success.

Thomas Edison, who was a very successful businessman and an inventor said:

Divi WordPress Theme

Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.

The very moment when we think to ourselves it’s over and that there’s nothing else to be done, the exact next moment could be the moment we achieve our goal and success. That is the Law of Averages.

It is of imperative to constantly keep our focus on our goals and success and I invite you to join me on my journey where I won’t just tell you what to do and what not to do. I will test those things before sharing with you so that we’re both certain it works. The techniques and steps I use and follow will be directly published and talked about here on my blog, my YouTube channel and my podcasts.

On my podcasts, I will speak with successful people with whom I will try to motivate as many people as I can to work, to not give up and to create something of their own. If you want to be my guest on the podcast or write a guest blog, send me a message.

I hope that many of you will support me on my journey and in my goals because your support tells me that I’m on track and that I’m calling the right choices.

Later, when I’m successful with a specific product, such as an e-book, an online course or anything else for this matter, I will without any hesitation talk about how I did it and my experience on that topic, step by step.

I will be doing regular reports every 3, 6, 9 or even 12 months on the topic of my failures, my successes and improvements I implemented in the meantime.

So, in the end, you will have the exact information on various questions such as how long it took me to pull something off, what way I optimized something and many other questions.

For the first nine months, I’m ready to work for completely no charge. Free!

There might be some very little investing expenses. In one of the next articles, I will also cover the topic on how much I invested in my business and what are the minimal necessities for starting one.

With minimum investing, I’m starting off with a system of so called bootstrapping, so that I could have extra reasons to push forward, to think smart and work as effective & efficient as possible.

Throughout these transparent and free reports, I will notify you of how much was invested and how much the return value was.

How much I invested into advertising, how much into email lists and so on.

What I did to pivot the business, when was the time to scale, when was I ready to hire a VA, a designer etc. Then I will tell you how much that advertising paid off, how many purchases thanks to my email lists I’ve got and many others.

For the first 12 months, no matter how little or big the profit it, all my gained funds will be reinvested into my business and I’m not expecting any huge reward for that.

I want to create a business which will be stable as concrete which will be a great example to others on the same and similar paths.

This is the fight we must go to together, to create something of our own, to gain profit and financial freedom and in the end, the ultimate freedom, as I like to call it.

However, the two things that I’m absolutely sure about that are crucial to any business owner and the success of the business are action and consistency.

A lot of people will have thousands of ideas, but they never realize them and never actually go out and do things.

I was influenced by Guy Kawasaki who said:

Don’t worry, be crappy.

So, don’t worry, start the business, make your products, you don’t have to make it perfect, you don’t have to make it the best product you ever built.

You will have enough time to upgrade it and to fix it when it’s launched. Trying to launch a perfect product means you will never launch, and we don’t want that.

The second thing is consistency. Whatever you do, try to, just like I will write books regularly, record courses regularly and similar, try to be consistent.

We are frequently unaware of the power of consistency and the power of habits. When we are consistent, that consistency becomes our habit and our work ethic changes so we are working without trouble on our projects.

This is nothing new, people are doing this and we are not inventing the wheel. But the good thing is that for this project  I am able to start it and work for the first couple of months completely on my own.
I gathered enough knowledge and experience.

This is the project that I can build on my own and it is a project for a lifetime. When the time comes for hiring people, you will know.

I want to provide for myself, my family and I want to share value and help other fellow entrepreneurs and small business owners. And this is my personal manifesto!

Thank you for reading, please subscribe to my e-mail and newsletter. share this article and let’s together, go on a journey.

Hoe you liked my story, share this article and let’s together, go on a journey.

Thank you.

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Salim Šabić
Salim Šabić
Hi, my name is Salim Šabić. Thanks for visiting my website. How can I help You? WHAT I DO: I help you grow your business online by developing and optimizing amazing business websites and applications. I can help you promote your business and reach more customers online easy! I am a certified web developer and eLearning consultant offering over 10 years of experience on both client and server sides.

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