Born 1986, BiH
Freelance IT / Web Consultant & Project manager
Founding member IdeaGist Blockchain Incubator
Director of the ICT CentreUniversity VITEZ


Marital statusHappily Married
Birthday28 May 1986
Native languageBosnian


AddressMeljanac D1
72270, Travnik
Mobile+387 61 209 605

Rarely do you come across someone who is talented at both big picture ideas and executing the small details — Salim Šabić is just that person. As an Director of ICT Centre here at The University Vitez, he managed several large IT projects from ideation through execution which significantly improved our overall company results.

Salim has strong skills in Moodle. He has successfully applied our university's requirements to the custom Moodle and fixed all issues identified during the testing phase. I'm very satisfied with Salim's work and enjoyed working with him.

Salim was great asset to my team when building out the German version of my clients website.

Selected work

  • University VITEZ
  • Schubert 2b2
  • The University of Sydney - Mental Health Education

Project managment

  • 85%
From managing small teams to fairly large project management, I can do that. Particularly I enjoy working in Agile environments on software development, web, eCommerce and eLearning projects.

IT Consulting & ICO Advising

  • 80%
I can help you with auditing your current infrastructure, through drafting requirements to building the final solution. Areas in which I do best are Web development, eLearning, eCommerce. Advising startups on development, strategy, marketing and training is one of my favorites.

Digital Marketing

  • 75%
In todays world, a business without a strong online presence is close to invisible. I can help you with your websites, SEM, video content and social media marketing.

Founding Member
at IdeaGist Blockchain Incubator

March 2018 —

IdeaGist is a collaboration platform for people with ideas and those who are interested in new ideas. It is a place for people, communities, and companies to work together towards a better future.

Institutional Manager - Oracle Academy
at Oracle

April 2016 —

Regional Manager Oracle Academy (Central Bosnia Canton).

Director Of Information Communication Technology
at Sveučilište/Univerzitet Vitez

September 2012 —

Overseeing all IT operations and align them according to organizational needs and goals.


Master's Degree Computer Science

2010 — 2014

University VITEZ, Faculty of Information Technology, Vitez (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Bachelor in IT Management - (Bsc Information Technology)

2005 — 2008

Paneuropean APEIRON University, Faculty of Information Technology, Banja Luka (Bosnia and Herzegovina)



I started playing and working with computers since my young age and I remember that the best machine we had in our training center was the old 386 computer running an i386 processor with the famous “turbo” button.


Never stop learning, that is my mantra, and I use every second of my spare time to read books, attend seminars, workshops, and online courses.


Physical activity is medicine. Taking a walk daily keeps my stress levels low, and usually my best ideas are born during my thinkering while walking.

About me

I love building new things and working with people. For the past ten years, I've helped small and large companies reach their goals by utilizing creative thinking and technology.

There is no challenge which a positive mindset and hard work cannot overcome. Through my career, I've learned that all success comes from a positive mindset.

My first serious work around computers was in high school when I was earning my Pocket money by fixing computers and building simple websites in my neighborhood and in my town.

I was happy enough to live in the age of the Internet, and during college, I was already having a decent amount work as an online freelancer for companies all over the world.

I've collected a broad set of skills, being involved in:
- Software development
- Web development
- Team leadership
- Project management
- Training
- Teaching
- Higher education
- E-learning
- E-commerce
- Digital marketing and even political work

I am always looking for new opportunities, and if you have an interesting proposal, send me an email at